Dr Dragiše Mišovića 46
Čačak, Serbia

Tavern Car Lazar


Breakfast "Car Lazar"

(2 eggs, sausage, cheese, kajmak milk cream, tomato)


Homemade Cornbread


Beef prosciutto


The oldest and the most well known tavern in Cacak, established in the year od 1883. The new one was built on the foundation of the old tavern and has kept the original look ever since. The porch with the fence in the tavern`s front was built in 1932. along with pillars and the fence from the forged iron. In terms of it`s popularity, the tavern itself serving as an orientation point to the most residents of Cacak, tells us a lot. When you`re trying to give directons to someone, it is always used as a comparison point with the destinations. From „Car“ to the hospital or from „Car“ to downtown and such.